Who are we
Innomedicaltech (Tianjin) Co.,LTD.

Innomedicaltech (IMT)is a high-tech company that focuses on the introduction, R&D, production, sales and operation of high-end medical devices.

Our vision
Innomedicaltech aims to build a diverse portfolio of Neurology and ENT products and serve the growing demands of Chinese Market. What we do in the future is always to bring the high-quality and needed products to as many people as possible.
As an innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of quality medical devices, the mission of Innomedicaltech is to provide the continuity that our healthcare partners need to succeed.
Our advantages

The headquarters of the company is located in Tianjin China, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. The company has Production capacity, Rich registration experience, Top expert team, Mature sales network and Clinical resources in High-end medical devices.

Quick Registration Process
Top Experts Reources
National Sales Network
Strong Investment Background
We have experienced registration experts and internal channels to ensure that our process for medical device registration is faster than average.
We cooperate with the top Neurology and ENT experts, such as Aerospace Center hospital etc.
Our sales team covers the entire China Neurology and ENT sales network, including hundreds of hospitals in 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.
Our investor is the co-founder of one of the top 3 Internet companies in China, providing us with full support in financial and other areas.

In addition to the registration and sales team that exceeds the industry average, we also have the R&D and production capabilities of high-end medical products; complete facilities such as GMP workshop, biology labs; and graceful enviroment for workers.

Corporate culture of IMT
Comprehensive ability, reliable partner.
Innovation driven, we always pursue the best.
Bring high-tech health care products to Chinese people.
Contact us
Building 15, No.16 Wujing Rd, Dongli District, Tianjin, China
022-2498 6151

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